French riviera

Everyone dreams of travelling to the other side of the world, exploring unknown and paradisiacal destinations.

Arthur, a young French entrepreneur based in Cannes, noticed during his travels that the luggage market is comprised of low-end fast fashion products or alternatively high-end luxury products often exclusively available in dark and somber colours with nothing in-between the two.


Thus, in 2017 he decided to launch his brand with an elegantly coloured travel bag combining French savoir-faire and high-quality materials to offer a unique piece of merchandise.


During his adventures in faraway Australia, Arthur often frequented a well-known coffee shop for his morning espresso and was asked his name to write on the cup. His accent posed problems with “Arthur” (pronounced “Arfffer”) mistaken for Alfred, Henry and all manner of other variations. Exhausted with this daily palaver Arthur decided to call himself BOB.

It made his friends laugh and the nickname stuck.

A lover of cinema, he remembered a famous western character…Bill Carlson and the name BOB CARLTON was born!


The French Riviera, a symbol of French elegance inspired leading artists, sculptors and film-makers such as Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Alfred Hitchcock.

The Côte d’Azur inspires BOB CARLTON today; the unique colours and exceptional landscapes have a timeless charm that has attracted visitors from all over the world searching for a relaxed yet chic environment following in the footsteps of Lord Brett Sinclair, James Bond or even the adventurer who sleeps within you…

First proposed on the beaches of the Croisette, BOB CARLTON’s colourful canvas and leather bags were an immediate success.

Subsequently, Arthur began working with the best regarded establishments along the French Rivera who recognised his craftsmanship and innovative style to create personalised products conforming to their brand images